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Project Management, Art/Colour Communities, and Santa Clause

Hello again, i was recently asked to renovate a site for a web design firm based in L.A. Calif, you can see their old site @ mywebdesignsource.com. The new site which i created is located @ my_webdesignsource v2.0. The site is created in joomla, one notable feature of the new site is the integrated project management module, a section on the site which allows clients and developers to login to their project workspace where they can post tasks, see completion status, upload and download files, etc. all for the sake of collaborating and managing a development project properly. It also came with an integrated calendar, so deadlines won’t be missed. 🙂 , a situation which is so common in development projects this days because of feature creep or simply because of poor management. Well speaking of project management, you can read articles at developer.com‘s project management site
and also do check out Software Produtivity Center’s free webinars and resources on project management at http://www.spc.ca/resources_overview.htm.

Ok, that’s enough project management for now, before i go i want to share this link to DeviantArt, the site claims that they are the largest art community in the world. You can browse for member submitted illustrations and the occasional photoshop brushes and also for artists who want color inspirations please check out the COLOURLovers website.

Finally, i’m not posting this in the spirit of the holiday season, but i want to share this picture from the CNN’s Daily Snapshot website.

Thanks! See you again soon!

-Arthur Abogadil


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December 28, 2007 at 12:36 am

Two CMS Websites Launched

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We launched two CMS websites today, one is the Youth Science Center Website and another, still in beta though, is So Cal Philwomenian, a Cyberpublication both organizations are in LA, California. The choice of CMS is easy, after evaluating two engines, joomla and drupal, i’ve decided to choose joomla for ease of use, that’s base on my experience on the past three days (thanks also to Sir Roy @ http://pinoyworldwide.speedfox.net for the suggestions). The only hiccup i encountered was in setting the engine’s mysql parameters, but that’s not to be attributed to joomla anyway. These two projects also helped me on deciding what CMS engine to use in the q-tech website. I hope to work on the conversion on the next days, God willing.

Thanks to Mr. Ryan G. of [my web design source] for involving us in this project.

-Arthur Abogadil

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December 17, 2007 at 11:23 am

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Coding and Creativity Contests

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This is the second day of this blog, and i have put small improvements here and there, i hope to fix everything soon. Anyways, for now i would like to share two of the best sites i know (if you know others, please inform me) that programmers and designers/creative people can use to see how they rank against the best on the world, and earn cash while doing it.

This site contains cash prized contests on algorithm, software design and development, components, etc. Corporations posts projects/coding problems and coders worldwide submit their solutions. Corporations got the chance to have their problems solved by the best minds, and coders get the cash. The current coder on the top of the leader board is a programmer (handle:Petr) from Russia, you can view his profile here. There’s even a high school coding competition. So what are you waiting for, programmers commonly have some feeling inside them telling them that they are the best, 🙂 you can prove yourselves @ the TOP Coder Website

This site is still in beta, submissions for the HIGH Prized BRIEFS posted by BIG Companies (Disney, Lego, and others) begins January 1 next year. The goal is to get to best creative ideas and reward the mind behind it with huge amount of cash, sometimes even amounting to $ 100,000.00. You can learn all about it here —> BootB

Well that’s all for now, but of course, before you do anything, you should always know the pointofyourwork, to make your efforts at least have value.

-Arthur Abogadil

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December 14, 2007 at 3:19 am

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point_of_work: arthur abogadil’s weblog

It’s been a long time that i wanted to create my own site and blog, but a lot of work keeps me from doing it. It’s ironic that i have created a lot of sites for other people and businesses before but did not get the chance to create my own, i think its a common situation for many web developers. 🙂 . Any ways here are some of my favorite links which i would like to share, enjoy!

Useful Links

Bro. Eli’s Blog &
Bro. Eli’s Pod Cast

You will learn a lot from this blog, guaranteed!

SANS Top 20

Everyone using a computer in anyway should be aware of these security risks and fixes

CSS Mania

A gallery of some of the most beautifully crafted website using only html and css


This is a downloadable magazine about various forms or art, you should check out the WEB 2.0 special to get some inspiration if you are a web designer

Well i have to go back to work! That’s all for now, see you all on the next post!

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December 13, 2007 at 6:51 am