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Project Management, Art/Colour Communities, and Santa Clause

Hello again, i was recently asked to renovate a site for a web design firm based in L.A. Calif, you can see their old site @ mywebdesignsource.com. The new site which i created is located @ my_webdesignsource v2.0. The site is created in joomla, one notable feature of the new site is the integrated project management module, a section on the site which allows clients and developers to login to their project workspace where they can post tasks, see completion status, upload and download files, etc. all for the sake of collaborating and managing a development project properly. It also came with an integrated calendar, so deadlines won’t be missed. 🙂 , a situation which is so common in development projects this days because of feature creep or simply because of poor management. Well speaking of project management, you can read articles at developer.com‘s project management site
and also do check out Software Produtivity Center’s free webinars and resources on project management at http://www.spc.ca/resources_overview.htm.

Ok, that’s enough project management for now, before i go i want to share this link to DeviantArt, the site claims that they are the largest art community in the world. You can browse for member submitted illustrations and the occasional photoshop brushes and also for artists who want color inspirations please check out the COLOURLovers website.

Finally, i’m not posting this in the spirit of the holiday season, but i want to share this picture from the CNN’s Daily Snapshot website.

Thanks! See you again soon!

-Arthur Abogadil


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December 28, 2007 at 12:36 am

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