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Biggest Announcements for IT In January 2008

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This January, Microsoft, Sun and Apple has the biggest news for anyone related in anyway to IT. I think the biggest is Bill Gates retirement, i really don’t think he got tired, anyways here’s the Bill Gate’s Retirement Video shown at CES 2008.

You can read the official transcript of his supposed to be last keynote at CES 2008 here.

The next biggest thing is Sun’s announcement of its acquisition of mysql, whoaaa! Nice move! You can read more about it here. Do note that Google’s Database is running on a modified mysql databse engine, just one of the many popular website running on this database identified as the most popular open source database.

Third, of course is Apple’s announcement of Macbook Air, yes this is their third biggest product to be announced after iPod and iPhone, its the world’s thinnest laptop according to them. Just be careful you don’t sit on it, or place it in a mailing envelope and send it someplace else! Read all about it @ the Macbook Air’s Official Site. Nice use of the script.aculo.us Javascript library. 🙂

Well i’m rethinking my plan of buying Apple’s Macbook Pro now, the laptop PC World says is the fatest Windows Vista Laptop they’ve tested, 🙂 , maybe Bill Gates will get out of retirement after reading that headline, just like what Solid Snake always do, who would have think of that, the fastest Vista Notebook is a Mac. 🙂

Let’s see what will happen on the industry in the next months. Anyways, farewell Bill, you really have done a great contribution on IT.


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January 20, 2008 at 4:53 am

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