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a new browser and a new search engine

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Whether you are searching for angola prison, mercenaries 2 cheats, webn fireworks, louisville football or robofly we know here in the Philippines we always use http://www.google.com‘s search engine, or http://www.yahoo.com occasionally. But in case you missed its launch, there’s a new search engine in town, its name is cuil (pronounced as cool), though not as cool as many people expected. The new search engine features an index which the developers claim to be 3x as large as Google’s. Cuil is created by some of the minds behind Google’s search engine, you can check out cuil here.

Internet Explorer 8 beta 2, is released for the general public, its was earlier released for web developers but today its available for the normal joe and juan dela cruz, you can download it here. I don’t know if its just me, or the IE8 beta page feels like Win ME, 😦 , maybe i just need to sleep, i’ve been researching about SEO and fortunately i was able to make this blog to #6 for the search term “filipino programmer”, it may come down again in the next hours, but ill try too see what i can do. Any way, i hope IE8 doesn’t become like Windows ME, i’ve been always a fan of IE its only that Firefox become so popular because of i dunno, standards according to them, i hope the IE team gets it right this time, but they have to make a really good marketing strategy with this.

Also, if you are wondering where did i got the keywords at the start of the article, i got it @ Google Trends, when i got the itching to discover what people are currently searching Google pointed me to that site, as a Filipino Web Developer discovering advanced SEO tricks, one thing i learned today is that blogging about current events can make your page rank higher, but nothing beats link backs and great content of course. There’s also scripts you can use to see the statistics and will help you move forward from there.


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August 31, 2008 at 9:48 pm

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Joomla! User Group Philippines and Converting USD, EUR, GPB to PHP and a Celebrity Stylists Online Shop

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Its nice to see your fellow filipino developers online, but also nicer is to learn about the communities about them, i recently check out JUG-PH, the Philippine user group for Joomla! , Drupal also have one, its at Drupal Philippines User Group . Good job for all the people who had the initiative to start this and help the Filipino developers online. If you know of any Filipino developer user groups out there please do tell me! Thanks!

On another topic, i was browsing JUG-PH‘s forums and found this question querying on how to convert US Dollar (USD) and various currencies to Philippine Peso (PHP), you can check out the solution i posted here. Below is the code i posted,

<script src="http://coinmill.com/frame.js"></script>
<script>var currency_round=true;</script>
$1.00 (US) = ₱ <script>currency_show_conversion(1.00,"USD","PHP");</script> PHP<br />
€1.00 (EUR) = ₱ <script>currency_show_conversion(1.00,"EUR","PHP");</script> PHP<br />
£1.00 (GBP) = ₱ <script>currency_show_conversion(1.00,"GBP","PHP");</script> PHP<br />

This comes handy when you are developing a shopping cart that needs to be able to show prices for different currencies, this was the case on one of the projects i finished recently, which the owner, Lisa Freede, a well known celebrity stylist in the US, who had designed jewelry which was used by Paris Hilton, Cher, Destiny’s Child and other popular celebrities, (check the info here). The project involved the cloning of her site to create a UK and Eurore Shop, so that she can assign a different price tag for the said countries, for shipping reasons. Paypal automatically handled the check out but i have to create two new database fields and modified the shopping cart to show the accurate price tag based on the selected currency of the buyer.

I remember just now that i used the javascript currency code for the latest project i am working, which is pinoy360 for my friend Alvin Sia, his site needs a real time currency display for the New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) to Philippine Peso (PHP).

Thanks, and i hope this post helps!

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August 31, 2008 at 5:04 pm

Another Step

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Hello to all!, Whew its been a long time since i’ve post an article, a lot of things has happened, im now on the process of establishing a new Software and Web Development Company, its named, philcoders, and ill be bringing this blog to a new domain at thepointofwork.com. My wife is giving birth to our first baby on January 2009, its been a very good year so far. I’m quite busy now completing my projects and bring philcoders.com and thepointofwork.com online, i can finally have a proper portfolio, that has been my problem since my first post to this blog, lol.

Lesson’s Learned: Regular Updating
I’ve created this blog to share the things i found important, for this post what i want to share is the importance of regularly updating or applying patches to your open source project installations, for example if you are using open-source CMS engines. Most of us who write code, or who developed web sites must have use at least one open source project. Lately, CMS engines, a web application which allow people to quickly create websites has become popular. Two of the most successful CMS applications are Joomla! and Drupal. Unfortunately, the popularity of this two CMS application has attracted some hackers to scrutinize its source code, this lead to the discovery of improperly coded modules, which allow sql injection attacks. Some attacks on Joomla! for example allows an attacker to reset the sites administrative password. I tried the security hole in some of my live site and its true. We don’t have go far for other example’s, Joomla!’s official website has been defaced, a few hours after changing their website’s template. You can read it here. Their mistake according to them:

This morning, Joomla.org was defaced a few hours after releasing our new design. This is not a new security issue, but only poor system administration practices on our part. When we updated our Web sites with the Joomla 1.5.6 security fix released yesterday, we simply forgot to update one of our small, non-public development sites.

New patches and updates are regulary released for active open-source projects, that’s also a very important reason when evaluating an open-source project, it must have a very active community so that things which need fixing gets fixed fast. So if you are using this type of application, you better update regularly, a lot of people are getting hacked these days, just look at the official forums of some of the most popular CMS apps. I was browsing the demo section of a template provider’s site last week and their site is being defaced at the very same moment, their site is ok now, so that’s good. Well, lessons learned, always update and apply patches to your system as soon as they become available, always keep a backup though, cause it may break your site, especially if you have third-party components installed, and be responsible, if you have clients who has old installations, tell them to update. You can download Joomla!’s newest update here, its 1.5.6 at the moment and is very critical update, for those who uses 1.5.5 and below.

Well, thats all for now, see you again soon.

PS. i have a good idea for a new section of my site because of this post. I’ll post it soon!

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