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Google Chrome, A new web browser from Google! New Screenshots and Download link

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Google Chrome, Wow, i just finished a post yesterday about IE8’s 2nd beta and there’s something that almost cleared off my radar, it seems that Google is launching a new browser!!! whaazzzaatttt!!!, its called Google Chrome, The first thing that came to my mind when i’ve read about it is that there will now be 1 more browser to put in your checklist when debugging your CSS. Anyway, the premise they made in this comic book, or a comic Google book (i don’t mean that the Google book is comic, what i mean is that the comic strips is published using Google book, sorry.), the premise they made is that…

Today, most of what we use the web for on a day-to-day basis aren’t just web pages, they’re APPLICATIONS

Yup, apps, you know, chat, games, videos, and the list goes, things which they say are not present when the original browsers are created. So they literally started from scratch, wow, thats something some people are telling Microsoft on what they do to IE8, but Microsoft don’t want to break existing web pages and still placed backwards compatibility on IE8. Yeah, believe it a lot of people are still using old browsers, i have created a Drupal theme a few months back for a corporate client, and they want it to be specifically compatible to IE5 because all of the employees of the corporation, a little over a thousand, is using that browser version. Anyway back to the Google Chrome, they have a lot of neat ideas, for example they adopted a process management system like those built in modern operating systems, this means that each tab, yes they will be using tabs, they said that they are taking some ideas from other browsers (but they also want others to get some ideas form them) this new process management means that every tab will run in their own process, basically, if a page is going to a hang, it wont bring the whole browser down with it, only that page. Freezing up happens a lot on Firefox now a days, when you browse too long and open a lot of tabs. Google Chrome will actually have a task manager like Windows, where you can see how many bandwidth each page is using and the amount of memory it is using for its self.

They also created a javascript Virtual Machine to be platform independent, which inherited its interpret once, run only afterwards (JIT) from ASP.net not like Java’s interpret everytime before it runs, so it will be fast. V8, which is the name of the VM, also have a built in “precise” Garbage collection according to them, which solves javascript’s classless problem, and yes, if your a programmer, you might be thinking now that V8 will interpret javascript it will run the code natively in the users CPU? yes it will, and it will provide a huge performance boost over those applications which the code runs over a VM which itself is over a browser, so theres a lot of layers. Its exciting what kind of applications will be coming out because of this new faster implementation.

With a MASSIVE amount of existing websites today, you might imagine again that Google has a burden of testing the new browser with a lot of web pages, no worry, because according to them, they also have a massive web crawler infrastructure, yes they are using their existing search engine infrastructure to make automated tests, now thats very good riddance! Now i understand, why Microsoft was going crazy in acquiring Yahoo! a few months back, because now its clear that IE8 and Firefox 3 is not only the new browsers in town, the previous are only new versions of the old browser actually, so lets hope Google Chrome do not go to the cuil’s way, their idea is good. You can check the comic book here and read about Google Chrome in the official Google Blogs. Filipino web developers will now have another thing to get excited about, or not, if this means additional work for the sites we are maintaining.

Ok, thats it for now, i’m also waiting for the Google Chrome download to be online, its currently not available but do check once in a while, they said it will be online today, below are some screenshots get your juice flowing, lol.

Google Chrome Screenshot

Google Chrome Screenshot

More Google Chrome Screenshots here

Cheers! and ill be with you again next time, i need to go back to work!


Google Chrome Download is now available here.


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September 2, 2008 at 8:43 am

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a new browser and a new search engine

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Whether you are searching for angola prison, mercenaries 2 cheats, webn fireworks, louisville football or robofly we know here in the Philippines we always use http://www.google.com‘s search engine, or http://www.yahoo.com occasionally. But in case you missed its launch, there’s a new search engine in town, its name is cuil (pronounced as cool), though not as cool as many people expected. The new search engine features an index which the developers claim to be 3x as large as Google’s. Cuil is created by some of the minds behind Google’s search engine, you can check out cuil here.

Internet Explorer 8 beta 2, is released for the general public, its was earlier released for web developers but today its available for the normal joe and juan dela cruz, you can download it here. I don’t know if its just me, or the IE8 beta page feels like Win ME, 😦 , maybe i just need to sleep, i’ve been researching about SEO and fortunately i was able to make this blog to #6 for the search term “filipino programmer”, it may come down again in the next hours, but ill try too see what i can do. Any way, i hope IE8 doesn’t become like Windows ME, i’ve been always a fan of IE its only that Firefox become so popular because of i dunno, standards according to them, i hope the IE team gets it right this time, but they have to make a really good marketing strategy with this.

Also, if you are wondering where did i got the keywords at the start of the article, i got it @ Google Trends, when i got the itching to discover what people are currently searching Google pointed me to that site, as a Filipino Web Developer discovering advanced SEO tricks, one thing i learned today is that blogging about current events can make your page rank higher, but nothing beats link backs and great content of course. There’s also scripts you can use to see the statistics and will help you move forward from there.

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August 31, 2008 at 9:48 pm

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Joomla! User Group Philippines and Converting USD, EUR, GPB to PHP and a Celebrity Stylists Online Shop

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Its nice to see your fellow filipino developers online, but also nicer is to learn about the communities about them, i recently check out JUG-PH, the Philippine user group for Joomla! , Drupal also have one, its at Drupal Philippines User Group . Good job for all the people who had the initiative to start this and help the Filipino developers online. If you know of any Filipino developer user groups out there please do tell me! Thanks!

On another topic, i was browsing JUG-PH‘s forums and found this question querying on how to convert US Dollar (USD) and various currencies to Philippine Peso (PHP), you can check out the solution i posted here. Below is the code i posted,

<script src="http://coinmill.com/frame.js"></script>
<script>var currency_round=true;</script>
$1.00 (US) = ₱ <script>currency_show_conversion(1.00,"USD","PHP");</script> PHP<br />
€1.00 (EUR) = ₱ <script>currency_show_conversion(1.00,"EUR","PHP");</script> PHP<br />
£1.00 (GBP) = ₱ <script>currency_show_conversion(1.00,"GBP","PHP");</script> PHP<br />

This comes handy when you are developing a shopping cart that needs to be able to show prices for different currencies, this was the case on one of the projects i finished recently, which the owner, Lisa Freede, a well known celebrity stylist in the US, who had designed jewelry which was used by Paris Hilton, Cher, Destiny’s Child and other popular celebrities, (check the info here). The project involved the cloning of her site to create a UK and Eurore Shop, so that she can assign a different price tag for the said countries, for shipping reasons. Paypal automatically handled the check out but i have to create two new database fields and modified the shopping cart to show the accurate price tag based on the selected currency of the buyer.

I remember just now that i used the javascript currency code for the latest project i am working, which is pinoy360 for my friend Alvin Sia, his site needs a real time currency display for the New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) to Philippine Peso (PHP).

Thanks, and i hope this post helps!

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August 31, 2008 at 5:04 pm