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Joomla! User Group Philippines and Converting USD, EUR, GPB to PHP and a Celebrity Stylists Online Shop

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Its nice to see your fellow filipino developers online, but also nicer is to learn about the communities about them, i recently check out JUG-PH, the Philippine user group for Joomla! , Drupal also have one, its at Drupal Philippines User Group . Good job for all the people who had the initiative to start this and help the Filipino developers online. If you know of any Filipino developer user groups out there please do tell me! Thanks!

On another topic, i was browsing JUG-PH‘s forums and found this question querying on how to convert US Dollar (USD) and various currencies to Philippine Peso (PHP), you can check out the solution i posted here. Below is the code i posted,

<script src="http://coinmill.com/frame.js"></script>
<script>var currency_round=true;</script>
$1.00 (US) = ₱ <script>currency_show_conversion(1.00,"USD","PHP");</script> PHP<br />
€1.00 (EUR) = ₱ <script>currency_show_conversion(1.00,"EUR","PHP");</script> PHP<br />
£1.00 (GBP) = ₱ <script>currency_show_conversion(1.00,"GBP","PHP");</script> PHP<br />

This comes handy when you are developing a shopping cart that needs to be able to show prices for different currencies, this was the case on one of the projects i finished recently, which the owner, Lisa Freede, a well known celebrity stylist in the US, who had designed jewelry which was used by Paris Hilton, Cher, Destiny’s Child and other popular celebrities, (check the info here). The project involved the cloning of her site to create a UK and Eurore Shop, so that she can assign a different price tag for the said countries, for shipping reasons. Paypal automatically handled the check out but i have to create two new database fields and modified the shopping cart to show the accurate price tag based on the selected currency of the buyer.

I remember just now that i used the javascript currency code for the latest project i am working, which is pinoy360 for my friend Alvin Sia, his site needs a real time currency display for the New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) to Philippine Peso (PHP).

Thanks, and i hope this post helps!


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August 31, 2008 at 5:04 pm

Two CMS Websites Launched

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We launched two CMS websites today, one is the Youth Science Center Website and another, still in beta though, is So Cal Philwomenian, a Cyberpublication both organizations are in LA, California. The choice of CMS is easy, after evaluating two engines, joomla and drupal, i’ve decided to choose joomla for ease of use, that’s base on my experience on the past three days (thanks also to Sir Roy @ http://pinoyworldwide.speedfox.net for the suggestions). The only hiccup i encountered was in setting the engine’s mysql parameters, but that’s not to be attributed to joomla anyway. These two projects also helped me on deciding what CMS engine to use in the q-tech website. I hope to work on the conversion on the next days, God willing.

Thanks to Mr. Ryan G. of [my web design source] for involving us in this project.

-Arthur Abogadil

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December 17, 2007 at 11:23 am

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