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Coding and Creativity Contests

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This is the second day of this blog, and i have put small improvements here and there, i hope to fix everything soon. Anyways, for now i would like to share two of the best sites i know (if you know others, please inform me) that programmers and designers/creative people can use to see how they rank against the best on the world, and earn cash while doing it.

This site contains cash prized contests on algorithm, software design and development, components, etc. Corporations posts projects/coding problems and coders worldwide submit their solutions. Corporations got the chance to have their problems solved by the best minds, and coders get the cash. The current coder on the top of the leader board is a programmer (handle:Petr) from Russia, you can view his profile here. There’s even a high school coding competition. So what are you waiting for, programmers commonly have some feeling inside them telling them that they are the best, 🙂 you can prove yourselves @ the TOP Coder Website

This site is still in beta, submissions for the HIGH Prized BRIEFS posted by BIG Companies (Disney, Lego, and others) begins January 1 next year. The goal is to get to best creative ideas and reward the mind behind it with huge amount of cash, sometimes even amounting to $ 100,000.00. You can learn all about it here —> BootB

Well that’s all for now, but of course, before you do anything, you should always know the pointofyourwork, to make your efforts at least have value.

-Arthur Abogadil


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December 14, 2007 at 3:19 am

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