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It’s been a long time that i wanted to create my own site and blog, but a lot of work keeps me from doing it. It’s ironic that i have created a lot of sites for other people and businesses before but did not get the chance to create my own, i think its a common situation for many web developers. 🙂 . Any ways here are some of my favorite links which i would like to share, enjoy!

Useful Links

Bro. Eli’s Blog &
Bro. Eli’s Pod Cast

You will learn a lot from this blog, guaranteed!

SANS Top 20

Everyone using a computer in anyway should be aware of these security risks and fixes

CSS Mania

A gallery of some of the most beautifully crafted website using only html and css


This is a downloadable magazine about various forms or art, you should check out the WEB 2.0 special to get some inspiration if you are a web designer

Well i have to go back to work! That’s all for now, see you all on the next post!


Written by pointofwork

December 13, 2007 at 6:51 am